Happy 2024 – I hope your year has got off to a great start.  Have you started anything new?  If so I hope it’s going well.

On my ‘would like to do’ list this year are small pockets of things I enjoy and would love to be good at.  Inspired by Strictly! I’ve joined a dance class and love it.  This class is at Panthera and I can’t recommend it enough both for adults and children.  It’s challenging my memory, movement and balance :-D!!   I’ve also booked in for some gardening workshops at Wisley one of which will show me how to propagate plants.  I’m reassured by plant loving patients that I don’t need a greenhouse which is good news in a Salisbury terrace! 

So what about you.  Have you started some new things this year or are progressing with some of the things you’re already doing?   From a health and fitness point of view do you feel like you’re on track or is there something that could do with some input?

Some helpful advice and suggestions

To ensure good physical health and fitness now and into the future it’s important to cross-train.  By that I don’t mean spending time on a cross-trainer, although that’s not a bad idea.  I mean keeping a balance between flexibility, strength, cardio vascular fitness and having a good core.    Ensuring that all these components are in our lives on a regular basis can make a huge difference in our sport and general musculoskeletal health particularly when we get older.  If you’d like to know how much physical activities is recommended please see this link from  WHO

If you’re not already doing something that gets your heart rate up regularly why not try: walking a bit faster, a jog, cycle ride or dance class?  Perhaps try something that you’ve always wanted to do but not got round to?

Are you someone who enjoys lifting weights or perhaps does that for a living then don’t forget to stretch and consider your cardiovascular health and core.

If we do a lot of one or two things and don’t have the balance of the other things problems can start kicking in.

Core Help – Special Offer


To help get you started on your journey to something new it’s really helpful to have a good working core as this can really help to guard against aches and pains and sometimes injuries too.  If you’d like some help with core muscle work please do let me know.  I’m offering one off appointments for 45 minutes where I’ll assess your core, offer advice including ideal sitting and standing postures and also provide exercises to help progress your core.   This offer will run until the end of April for a charge of £40.  If you’d like to book in for this please email me with the heading ‘Core Help – Special Offer to ‘ and I’ll get you booked in.  (jemma@thephysioplace.com) 

Need some help with aches and pains?

If you have aches and pains it’s advisable to book in for a new patient appointment and get those looked as but if you’re all ok otherwise but thinking about a new sport or activity, this can be a real help.  (jemma@thephysioplace.com) https://www.thephysioplace.com/treatments/