Ergonomic Workstation & DSE Assessments

With so many people now working from home, it’s more important than ever to ensure that workstations are well set up to minimise risk of work related/aggravated problems.

HSE DSE Regulations

Anyone working daily for more than an hour on display screen equipment (DSE) should be carrying out an assessment of their workstation.  These assessments help to identify potential issues before they arise and with small adjustments and often minimal cost, the job is done.

Work related aches & pains

It’s well documented that work related upper limb problems and back problems can occur with prolonged static/repetitive postures.  Taking regular breaks during the day and having opportunities to vary tasks can all help to reduce the likelihood of these problems occurring.

DSE Assessments – what to expect

For those with aches and pains that aren’t settling or that are aggravated by their workstation, this is where I can help.  With my knowledge of anatomy and body mechanics, injury management and good posture/postural problems I aim to achieve good, comfortable, pain free posture for the person being assessed.  To do this I will note the problems, ascertain the needs of the person and their role, assess their workstation and check their posture.  I will make any adjustments I can at the time of the appointment and advise on these and any others that will be helpful as well as making any additional recommendations such as equipment etc.

These assessments can be carried out remotely or face to face, for one or more people with either a full 7 page report or a one page report being supplied afterward by email.

Face to face assessments

Face to face assessments within a 30 mile radius of Salisbury can be done however beyond a 5 mile radius of Salisbury travel expenses/mileage will apply.  If you have more than 2 people who need a  full DSE assessment but you’re more than 30 miles away please do ask.

Remote appointments

If you have a team of people who would benefit from being shown via zoom/teams how to set up their workstation I can help with this.  Please call or email to discuss.


Regarding the fees for these assessments as there are many variables and I’m keen to ensure that you get what you’re looking for, please do email to discuss as each appointment will be tailor made to you and your staff needs.

“Thanks for coming into the office and looking at my desk set up, I had begun to think my headaches would never go”.
City banker

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