Physio treatment: What I treat?

The physio treatment is aimed at achieving long term resolve for all your aches and pains. I can help with a multitude of different problems including:

  • Spinal problems such as back pain and neck pain which may be either local ie in your neck or back or referring ie into your arm(s) or leg(s).  This may or may not also give a feeling of pins and needles or numbness or sometimes weakness.
  • All sports injuries whether they are recent or you’ve struggled on for a while hoping they would get better.  The  most common problems I see are knee, foot, ankle and groin pain, calf, quads and hamstring tightness, shoulder and low back pain but that is far from an exclusive list!
  • Work related and postural problems are an increasing problem for people not just in the workplace using computers all day but as more and more of us work from home often sitting at a dining room table or on a sofa,  spending long hours in cars or on trains or planes.  Whatever we do with our day it’s not uncommon for aches and pains to appear and the very nature of work often requiring repetition or prolonged postures they can often be difficult to resolve without some help.
  • Pre and post operative problems such as hips, knees, feet/ankles/achilles, backs and necks, as well as hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders.  Whether you’re having or have had a replacement joint, tendon release or repair work done physiotherapy may well be helpful in getting you back to full function.  If you’re wondering if I can help you please do make contact.

Whatever your musculoskeletal problem it’s worth a call to find out if I can help.

In addition to these I am now offering advice and support for people with Long Covid.  For more information please email.

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