My physiotherapy tool kit includes:

  • joint mobilisations/manipulations which can help improve our range of movement, ease pain, relieve pins and needles and help improvement posture, amongst other things
  • soft tissue release work which can help improve our movement and ease pain
  • postural training and advice to ensure that we get the most out of the treatment and help prevent problems recurring
  • core stability / pilates based exercises which is all about getting our ‘inner corset’ and other stabilising muscles working to help us maintain good posture both at rest and when moving
  • rehab which may include strengthening, balance work, stability, sports/activity specific advice/work to ensure that returning to full activity or sport is as good as it can be and thereby reducing the risk of recurrence

Other items in the tool kit include: 

  • gait analysis – assessing your walking or running.  This is a great way of seeing how you move and identifying any problems in action.   Our walking and running is affected by what we wear on our feet so advice on footwear may  also be given.
  • remote ergonomic workstation assessments.  These can be done whether you work at home or in an office and are a great way of getting to the root cause of a problem and resolving it for good.
  • sport specific assessments which could be anything from pre-skiing assessment to getting your golf swing painfree, rowing, cycling…the list goes on.  Just give us a call regarding any questions about injuries and your particular sport/activity
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