Long Covid – Advice and Support – Getting you back to being you

Are you or someone you know struggling with Long Covid? Is ongoing fatigue stopping you from getting back to the things you enjoy? If so, don’t worry. You are not alone and we’re here to help and support you.

As time goes by and more and more people have had Covid 19 there are also increasing numbers of people reporting ongoing problems with returning to their pre-covid levels of activity. Post viral fatigue (PVF) is one of the most commonly reported symptoms. With PVF, despite best efforts to try to return to normal life, even doing the seemingly simply every day things like having a shower, can cause an increase in fatigue levels, sometimes for days.

Although fatigue is at the top of the list of symptoms people are experiencing, other things including breathlessness and chest pain are also being reported. It is important, before embarking on any programme of help with Long Covid, to ensure that the symptoms you’re getting are not related to other medical issues. To rule this out please do speak with your GP first.

Once you’re sure that the problems you’re experiencing are due to Long Covid we can start to look at how to help manage your symptoms best.

When you’re ready to start our first goal will be work on improving your energy levels.

Everyone is difference so how this looks day to day will be up to you, however the tool for this is Pacing. Pacing is about doing things in bite sized pieces and then taking a rest. Resting effectively is not just about making sure you’re sitting or lying down potentially reading an exciting book or thrilling movie, it’s about actively choosing things that make you feel more relaxed.

Getting this mastered is essential for progress but it’s not something that happens quickly. Time really does need to be taken for your recovery and giving yourself permission to take that time will be really helpful.

In addition to Pacing, nutrition, sleep, stress/anxiety management are also very important and we’ll look to work through these with you too.

With the NHS at full stretch, and accessing help through that system proving difficult for many, my colleague Nikki Harris and I have put together a programme to help you through the ups and downs of getting back to being you after Covid. Our programme is aimed at advising and supporting you through all the things mentioned above with the aim being to help you returning to being you with your hobbies, activities and to work/studies.

For more information, please do email jemma@thephysioplace.com or nikki.harris@physiovations.com. We’re both physiotherapist and are ready and able to help you get back on your feet.

(Credit photo to Delphine-beausol)

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