The Event & Location

On Sunday 1st October 2023 runners will be heading off from Salisbury to Winchester along the Clarendon Way.  The Clarendon Way is a 24 mile path between the cities providing spectacular  views and several places of interest including the ruins of Clarendon Palace a 12th century royal hunting lodge for Norman Kings from which the Way gets its name.  Not that you’ll have time for any of that if you’re running!

So onto the Marathon.  There are opportunities to run the full distance, a half or as one of 4 in a relay thereby running a quarter.  If you’re not used to longer distances this could be well worth a go.  With registration nearly closed please do get in touch with the organisers if you’d like to do it and have yet to register. For more information click here:


Once you’re registered it’s down to training, footwear, clothing, food and rest.  Any who runs regularly will know the importance of all these things to make the event flow as easily and trouble free as possible.

If you have any aches and pains it’s also worth getting them looked at ahead of the race.   Running with an injury or pain can slow you down and spoil the event.  If you need some help but aren’t sure where to go…

Look no further for help!

I am a physio and I have had the joy of working with runners for several decades.  I carry out gait analysis with the majority of my patients and for those who like to run, I look at that.

With this in mind, if you’re running this marathon and think you might benefit from having someone look at you running please do book in.  Until the race day I am offering:

Running analysis

30-minute appointments for £30 which will include

  • an assessment of your running
  • Assessment of your muscle lengths and strengths and
  • Provision of suitable stretches/exercises to help maximise your potential.
  • Perfect if you have NO aches and pains and just want some tips to improve

Injury/pain Assessment and treatment and running analysis

If you have aches and pains that are made worse or are limiting your running please book in for a physio session which will also have a reduced fee.  Initial assessments take 50-60 minute for £55 (normally £65) and follow-ups of 30 minutes for £42 (normally £47) throughout September.

This will include:

  • an assessment of your running (or walking)
  • Assessment of your muscle lengths and strengths
  • Assessment of the specifics contributing to your injury/problem
  • Diagnosis of the problem
  • Provision of treatment for the problem
  • Provision of suitable stretches/exercises to aid recovery and also maximise your potential.


Fund Raising Opportunity

On another note, as well as a physio I am also a fundraiser for the Salisbury-based charity called Morning Star which helps support homeless people.  Morning Star is manning the last water station along the route.  As you come up the hill from West Dean and turn the corner to start to head into Winchester, we’ll be there.  Please do say Hi as you pass and hopefully, they’ll be something delicious to eat for you.

If you are thinking of doing this run and raising some money but not sure who to run for please do consider this charity which does amazing work.

Many thanks 🙂

Contact Details

I hope to see you soon, please do let me know if you have any questions, and if you’d like to book an appointment either email or call 07984203698.