What is an MOT @ The Physio Place and how can it help me?

The Physio Place’s MOT is a proactive way of addressing potential problems before they occur.

We all move and do our activities in different ways.  If we have a weakness, tightness, instability or underlying overuse issues, when we decide to start something new or push ourselves we can sometimes find that aches and pains can start to develop.  If you’re considering something such as a ‘Couch to 5K’, taking up a walking challenge or perhaps taking up cycling or a new sport, this is a great way to help limit problems.  Similarly if you’re used to running 5-10k distances but are considering a half or full marathon or perhaps a triathalon either mini or full, this could really help.

The great thing about an MOT is it’s trying to identify potential problems before they occur.  How we move when we do things can help identify problem areas.  By addressing these areas before they become a problem can really help us to continue through with what we want to do.  Particularly important if you’re working to a training timetable or can’t afford to take the time to ease off from your activities.

What can I expect and what should I bring and wear?

Our MOTs take up to 50 minutes.  They include watching you ‘do’ your activity so please do wear clothing you can move in such as shorts and trainers if it’s something sports orientated.   Having the right footwear and equipment is SO important.  Please do bring the footwear your would wear to your appointment and if it’s easy to do so do bring your racket, golf club etc.

What will the MOT provide and not provide?

Your MOT will consist of an assessment of you in action, your posture, range of movement, muscle lengths and strengths including your core and other relevant things to consider such as your footwear/feet.   Appropriate exercises and advice will be provided to help address anything that’s been noted during the assessment.

Please note that an MOT does not include treatment.   So if you have an ache, pain or niggle please do book in for an assessment of that as the approach will be slightly different.


To book your MOT or physiotherapy appointment for treatment email: jemma@thephysioplace.com or call 07984203698.   Please advise which appointment you’re looking for.