A campaign has been launched to tackle the barriers that stop millions of women from taking exercise and getting fit.

Sport England’s This girl can campaign will aim to show real women exercising, and change the widely-held view that active females must be Lycra-clad and super-fit.

Research commissioned by the sport promotion body found that 2 million fewer women in England aged from 14-40 played sport regularly than men, but that 75 per cent of women would like to be more active.

The findings show that the biggest barrier to women exercising is a fear of being judged. Sport England chief executive Jennie Price said: ‘We want to tell the real story of women who exercise and play sport. They come in all shapes and sizes and all levels of ability. They have a myriad of reasons for doing what they do.

‘This campaign says it really doesn’t matter if you are a bit rubbish or completely brilliant, the main thing is that you are a woman and you are doing something, and that deserves to be celebrated.’

Taken from the CSP’s Frontline Magazine