Jemma Mack MCSP HPC (Based in Salisbury)

Jemma Mack MCSP HPC (Based in Bristol and Salisbury)Jemma is a musculoskeletal physiotherapist with 22 years experience mainly in private practice. Graduating from Southampton University in 1997 she worked in the NHS in Bournemouth until 2000 before moving into private practice in London’s West End and then the City where she worked for Back in Action Physiotherapy. In 2006 she moved to Bristol and opened The Physio Place in Salisbury.

Jemma’s experience over the years has helped develop key skills which give patients the opportunity to be not just painfree but also able to reach their maximum potential. She treats a wide range of problems including backs and neck, sports injuries, pre and post op orthopaedic problems and work related pains. Her skills also include running analysis and workstation assessments.

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