Remote Ergonomic Workstation & DSE Assessments

Whether you work from home, the office or from your car/van this assessment will be of help to you. With a focus on musculoskeletal aches and pains and minimising these, the assessment is carried out remotely and will address how you sit, stand, use the phone and interact with display screen equipment (DSE). It will also include a look at your posture and the suitability of your chair/seat and desk and note any environmental issues. A full report detailing findings and recommendations is provided. Anyone struggling with aches and pains whilst they’re at work will find this assessment helpful. You may have already had an ergonomic workstation assessment done by a colleague however if you still have problems there may well be a benefit to having a physio take a look, as a thorough knowledge of anatomy and body mechanics is often very helpful to help identify problems. As assessments are currently only available remotely they can be done anywhere in the UK.  As and when on-site appointments are permitted we will return to providing these within the Salisbury area as well as out towards and including Warminster, Southampton, Winchester, Andover and Bournemouth. For more information please call.

“Thanks for coming into the office and looking at my desk set up, I had begun to think my headaches would never go”.
City banker

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