Physio Appointments

Physio Appointments

Your road to recovery starts here

To book your appointment please email or call 07984 203 698.  Please note that following government and profession guidance we are not automatically booking face to face appointments.  Please see below how we will be doing appointments for the foreseeable future.

Face to face or on line/remote?

In the first instance everyone looking for an appointment will be triaged.  This will be a short call to ascertain whether there is a clinical need to be seen face to face or if your appointment can be done remotely on line.  Following current guidelines for those who are in the clinically vulnerable and extremely vulnerable category, the preferred way is remote appointment, however if a face to face appointment is deemed the most appropriate way forwards that will be arranged.

Once an appointment is booked a contact sheet will be emailed over together with the Privacy Policy.  Please complete and return the contact sheet before your appointment.  Remote and face to face initial appointments are approximately 45 minutes long and follow ups are 30 minutes.

What to expect if a remote appointment is booked

These appointments will be done either by Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp or telephone if you don’t have a screen.  All the usual background information/history as well as current symptoms and problems will be taken and an assessment carried out, this is where a screen is helpful so I can see you in action.  Following this I will be able to provide advice and exercises.

What to expect if a face to face appointment is booked

Before you attend you will need to:

(1) Confirm that you feel well and don’t have any Covid 19 symptoms including a high temperature, a new continuous cough and a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.

(2) Confirm that you haven’t been in contact with anyone who has Covid 19 within the last 14 days.    

(3) Have consented on the form to accept the risks of coming to the clinic for treatment at this time, and

(4) Have agreed to the sharing of your contact information if I am asked to do so by Track & Trace and you agree to contact me if you are contacted by Track & Trace & asked to isolate or a face to face appointment will not be able to take place.

On the day of your appointment if you are not feeling well please do not attend and your appointment can be rescheduled. 

If you are well and symptom free, please arrive at the time of your appointment, not earlier as there is not longer a waiting area.  Please wear appropriate clothing and wait outside.  Do not knock on the door I will come to the door at the time of your appointment.  Please wear a face covering.  I will provide hand gel for your use on arrival and I will also be taking your temperature.  Anyone with an increased temperature will not be seen on that day.

Please minimise the things you touch while you’re at the clinic and help to keep yourself and the clinic as safe as possible.

Regarding PPE/clinic cleaning

Be assured I will be wearing PPE, including a mask and gloves.  We will continue to maintain 2 metres social distancing as much as possible during your appointment until the necessary time to assess and treat you hands on. 

If you need to use the loo while you’re here it will be available but if you can go before you arrive that would be appreciated.

Between each appointment I will be cleaning the surfaces we use.  Patients will not be seen back to back and there will be a space between each appointment to allow for this. 

I hope this answers any questions you may have but please do contact me if there’s anything else you’d like to know.

Our appointment times at Belle Vue Road, Salisbury are:

  • Mondays 1200 to 1800
  • Tuesday 1700 to 1800
  • Wednesday 0830 to 1800
  • Thursday 0830 to 1800
  • Fridays 0800 to 1300



Workstation Assessment Appointments

Please call 07984 203 698 to discuss dates and times.